Groundhog Day again.
Smashed alarm leads to mindless night.
Talk talk talk.
Whispers in the wind.
Treadmill treadmill.

Sunfall moonrise as I watch.
Smile fight smile fight.
And again.
Again again.
Arthropod shells fall away.
Nature confounded shorn clean from mercury skin.

Wear the mask and join them.
Be thought a fool.
Give nothing away.
Hold the thing.
Truth honeycombed upon itself.

Wear the mask.
Wear the mask.
Smile smile.
Wear the mask.

Die awake.
Die moving.
Die all day.
Die aware.
Die again.

Groundhog Day again.
Treadmill treadmill.
Mindless night and sunless day.
Make a murk of it.
Make it grey.

Treadmill treadmill.

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